Islamic Mass Immigration or Will Christianity Cease to Exist in Europe?

Europe's Christian background. Recently I saw a video with a short interview of a 10 year old Iraqi Christian girl, who, because of the advance of the Islamic States (IS) in Iraq, had to flee with her family to Irbil in Kurdistan. This girl Myriam tells of her life as a foreigner, and how much she misses her friends.
In response to the journalist, she emphasizes in particular that she does not hate the criminals who do evil to her family and others (murder, enslave, rape), but that she prays for their conversion. Her eyes light up with a sincere joy as she speaks of her love of Jesus, and one notices that she is sincere, and that it is not merely a pious facade.
Naturally, a 10 year old child cannot fathom the entire extent of the tragedy which her family and millions of others have to suffer. It encompasses the entire historical-political background that led to the development and spread of these IS terrorists, and thereby to the horrifying sorrow of so many innocent men.
Yes, the entire political components of this conflict can hardly be known and understood by one so young. But this Myriam, at her young age, understands something different that is of essential importance to her and her family – the nature of the Christian Faith! She shows that she understands well that love and forgiveness are part of the cornerstones of the authentic Christian concept of God and its respective morality. Without these elementary foundations, Christianity would lose its special and extraordinary identity and its ability to reflect the divinity of Jesus Christ.
It belongs to the principal message of Christianity that God is Love and out of love for us men, He not only created the world, but after the fall of man, also redeemed us by His selfless sacrifice on the Cross: “And we have known, and have believed the charity, which God hath to us. God is charity: and he that abideth in charity, abideth in God, and God in him” (1 John 4:16).
It is Christian belief that charity is not only connected to God, but that it is part of His very essence. It was this, so special and unique, that led the people of ancient times to discuss and reflect upon it, that in contrast to all pagan concepts of God, He has revealed Himself as a loving Father Who in turn awaits the loving assent of the human heart to His merciful offering of grace. Never again must man have slavish fear of the selfish whims of pagan gods, whose concerns revolve around personal power and domination, violence and revenge. No, as a sinner, man can hope and trust in the love and mercy of God, when he, like the prodigal son of the Gospel, returns to his Father's house.       
For the Jews, too, in the Old Testament, God stood in the foreground as the ruler or avenger of sin, though in the Prophets we find evidence of a loving and forgiving God. But this view was too obscured by the omnipotence of God. That God is also a loving Father was only revealed in its entirety with the coming of Jesus Christ. This truth has led not a few Jews to deep reflection and a sincere devotion to Christ.
In short, one can find the principal idea of the Christian God in the following line of the Gospel: “For God so loved the world, as to give His only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in Him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting” (John 3,16). How many people in the lapse of two millenia have heard this simple truth and turned to Christ! How many pious Christians were then inflamed with love, and performed heroic works of charity for God and their neighbor? This is an entirely different world than that of paganism, Judaism or even the later-founded Islam!
But since the redemption of man from sin and new life in His grace is the primary purpose of the Incarnate God, then it is apparent that He is willing to impart forgiveness, for, Mary excepted, no man is without sin. Forgiveness is thereby the second cornerstone of the Christian notion of God and logically emerges from divine love.
This great truth was already formulated to a denominator at the time of the prophet Ezechiel: “I desire not the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way, and live” (Ez. 33:11). And how often did Our Lord in a sovereign act of forgiveness forgive men their guilt and reconcile them to God! It did not matter if they were Jews or Gentiles, men or women, old or young, so-called just or publicans and whores—everyone who sincerely acknowledged their guilt and prayed to God for forgiveness readily received it from Christ. As the above mentioned parable of the prodigal son (cf. Lk. 15:1-32) shows, with what loving desire God our Father awaits our repentance and then willingly takes us into His house!
In a YouTube video, a young Palestinian, son of a prominent Hamas leader, explains how impressed he was by the command of Christ to be ready to willingly forgive even one's enemies, and that this paved the way for his turning away from Islam and converting to Christianity. How many men find consolation and inner peace in God, when they overcome hatred and hostility to the point of possessing a genuine willingness to forbear and forgive, and thus free their souls from the so-called vicious circle of uncharitable and even vengeful thoughts.
Naturally, a sincere contrition is necessary for the effectiveness of forgiveness—without it, no true reconciliation can be achieved. But how much more grace and deeper peace of soul does he possess and experience who shakes off all heartlessness, hatred, jealousy, envy, selfishness and inner rage, and is thereby able to focus more intently on his God-given positive role. And precisely in this multi-layered process of the soul acquiring and then growing in the love of God and neighbor or in the unmistakeable command to love one's enemies is revealed the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and His work of salvation.
Our modern liberal society, public sphere and politics downright boast of their so-called renouncement of Christianity and the Catholic Church, and have supposedly embraced the noble principles of humanitarianism as its social conscience. At the same time it refuses to see and acknowledge how often these principles are borrowed from Christianity, even when these are distorted and misrepresented and then used against Christian fundamentals.
When they speak, for example, about liberty of conscience or respect for the free will of an individual, it is all grown on the soil of a Christian past and the identity of western Europe. Similarly, the high value we place on justice and the common good, the call to charity or for forbearance and forgiveness would not be conceivable if Europe had not fled barbarism and  embraced and practiced Christianity, and for about 1500 years blossomed under it.     
Even in the atheistic offshoots of mass human aberration, one can find traces of a Christian past. Those who have personally experienced the former Soviet communist-atheist system are able to confirm that despite the worst excesses, one can also find many positive elements (for example, solidarity, friendship, respect for teachers and the elderly in general) that were explicitly demanded, clearly pointing to the 1000 years of Russia's Christian history. One of the best known Communist slogans is “Whoever does not work, does not eat.” Thus should the soviet conscientiously be educated for his profession. It is probably not well known that this is a direct quotation from the New Testament—from St. Paul's Second Epistle to the Thessalonians 3:10! So today, try as it might, liberal Europe cannot get away or escape from its Christian past and historical identity. This is primarily because of the fundamental Christian convictions of the people of past generations and centuries. Wise is he who sees this and acknowledges it... and is also grateful for it.

Islamic Mass Migration. Since the influx of Turkish migrant workers to Europe in the 1960's, there has been a Muslim presence in many European countries. Because of the ongoing immigration of Muslims in recent decades, as well as a higher birthrate among them in comparison to the core population, logically their share in the general population of Europe continues to grow. By December 31, 2014, Germany counted up to 4.5 million Muslims, with a share of 5.5% of the population.
In the summer of 2015, a dramatic mass immigration of people from various countries in Africa, from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria presented itself. A certain number of them are undoubtedly refugees, seeking protection from persecution or expulsion as a result of war in their homeland, however, the majority of these people are so-called economic migrants.
We don't want to speak here of individual cases – every land and people has their share of good and bad people, white and black sheep. We are interested in the fundamental facts. Likewise, we won't busy ourselves here with the economic components of these migration waves, rather we will look at the religious-social aspect.
Objectively analyzed one must realize that Islam conveys an entirely different concept of God than Christianity, and offers a quite deviant idea of the coexistence of men in society. Charity as an attribute of God is entirely foreign to Islam. As the word “Islam” itself denotes, it consists in nothing but “submission”. “Submission” not in the Christian sense, where man freely acknowledges the Commandments of God and conforms his life to His will, wanting a share in His life-giving grace, rather in the sense of a totalitarian regime, tolerating no free-will and punishing every aberration with draconian penalties.
In authentic Christianity, in Catholicism, a repentant sinner can obtain the forgiveness of his sins from God in the sacrament of penance. Naturally, he must do penance for his failings, both to emphasize the sincerity of his contrition and amendment, as well as to compensate in some way for the deficiency in his love of God through an abundance of the same. And he then achieves a true reconciliation with God – forgiven and forgotten.
In Islam “Allah” is allegedly likewise “merciful.” However, it is only towards true Muslims who hold fast to the corresponding regulations and laws. Every “sinner,” awaits a merciless judgment from “Allah,” which here on earth begins with whippings, cutting off of hands and above all with clearly sanctioned killing, which must be completed by the Islamic community. On the other hand, “unbelievers” can be enslaved, raped, and brutally murdered. The Islamic Sharia law is merciless and is marked by its frightful harshness, never offering sinners the possibility of achieving a real forgiveness.
The danger to the common good of Europe emanating from authentic Islam is also that it does not permit nor allow the slightest objective discussion about it. It is almost “apostasy” if a Muslim would criticize this or that. The Koran is completely inviolable and every word written therein is communicated literally by “Allah” and must be accepted and followed with full “submission,” without questioning dot nor dash. 
This “ideal” has absolutely nothing to do with the loving devotion to Jesus Christ, Who for us died on the Cross, and Whose divine wealth satisfies the deepest longing of the human heart for peace and spiritual fulfillment and thus enriches us in grace. Actual and authenic Islam (and not just the artificially constructed so-called “Euro-Islam”), contains and likewise conveys a completely intolerant ideology, which is explicitly made to dominate the the world by force. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, who is glorified by Muslims above everything else and emulated by them, gave an unmistakeable example to them by his numerous wars of conquest, how Jihad can ultimately be interpreted as a central factor of Islam.
The question then is how compatible is Europe with specifically Islamic immigration, without it collapsing in different ways and its giving up its historically Christian identity. On their part, many multicultural advocates gladly extend a welcome, for the majority of Muslims in Germany and Europe have integrated well and respect the fundamental laws of their host countries.
No doubt there are many Muslim citizens who even interiorly favor life in European countries and would possibly vote against the enforcement of Sharia law. Additionally, there are a number of Muslims, by no means to be underestimated, who reject even basic rules of decent interaction with others.
Since the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) vice chairman Julia Kloeckner, in September 2015, advertised the refusal of a handshake by an Imam at a visit to a so-called integration center and this incident became public, despite still occasional reports in the media on the many common  “discourtesies” of this kind, there are no fewer Muslims in Germany.
On September 25, 2015, read, “The CDU politician tells of female teachers who hear the boys in their classes tell them that they have nothing to say to them. Of fathers who refuse to speak to the female teachers about their sons, and want to speak with a male teacher. Of cashiers who won't be looked in the eye by male shoppers, who won't speak to them, but through signs make it clear what it is that they want.” And how often do we hear that every woman who is not clothed in Islamic standards, is automatically termed a “whore” and is considered fair game to a not too small portion of Muslim men. How else explain the skyrocketing number of Swedish women raped by Muslims in recent years? Similar figures are also seen in England in the areas with a high Islamic population. These are objective statistics and not part of a discrimination campaign against Islam.
There are already cases in Germany in which school girls were counseled by the administration to dress more modestly, because the school's neighborhood houses new young Muslim emigrants who could sexually attack them. Of course, we Catholic Christians also complain of the immodest clothing of many, especially young ladies and women. But the warning of the school authorities was in no way based on ethical-moral concerns, but solely on the consideration of male Muslim migrants' potential for violence or their primitive mentality in regard to women. This is well-known to all those in authority. How deeply irresponsible (toward the core population) is it then, to allow such an element into one's country, entirely uncontrolled and against the existing law!
Now that one can no longer completely conceal the problem, it is occasionally reported. But why was it previously done all the time, as if everything were more or less in good order, when there were only a few Muslims who had outlandish notions regarding women and elementary “western values”?
Every society can only take in and tolerate a portion of immigrants from a completely different cultural and religious background and integrate them successfully. Otherwise, they will sooner or later experience a bloody Kosovo or Yugoslavian ordeal. If many Muslims who have already been living in Germany and Europe for decades have not yet laid aside their partially inhuman Islamic ideals, how can we seriously hope that those who are descending on us in a veritable migration flood will integrate themselves any better? It is extremely naïve and entirely unrealistic to accept them. What one has not learned as a child, one will seldom learn as an adult: “You can't teach an old dog new tricks.”
How often already has a “fatwa” been pronounced, a legal ruling by Muslim authorities, whereby men who sharply criticize Islam can be murdered by any Muslim? How many people here in Europe already live under police protection and must regularly change their residence to avoid death at the hands of faithful adherents to Islam? And if this is already the case here in Europe, where the percentage of Muslims is still around 10%, what is to be expected when this number dramatically increases (to which the current migration wave clearly contributes)?
“In the talkshow “People by Maischburger” on May 15, 2012, on the topic of Islam, the German CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach rightly remarked that Muslims gladly speak of 'tolerance' and 'democracy' when they are a minority in a country. But man must, to judge Islam more fairly, take a look at those countries where they are in the majority, whether and to what extent tolerance and religious liberty are found among non-Muslims. And it says a lot that in addition to Communist North Korea, nine Islamic countries are the top 10 where Christian persecution is practiced. In light of this fact, can Islam really be as peace-loving as the Muslims in western Europe and North America present it? It is significant that seated beside Mr. Bosbach in the same show was a long-bearded Imam, being watched by the secret service, who remarked that according to the Koran, Muslims must obey the laws in the countries where they find themselves in the minority. The crucial question then is how will they act when they are in the majority? The answer can be read in the corresponding World Watch Index 2014.” (Christianity Persecuted Worldwide, in “Beitraege” issue 114, pg. 10f.)
In this context we must also consider the principle of Taqiya in Islam: “'There exists of course Taqiya (Taquiyya), which in Islam permits dissimulation and deception in dealing with unbelievers. I consider DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs – Germany's largest Islamic organization) to be a materialization of Taqiya. No matter what the answer is, it will not be the truth. That is Taqiya. The permission for Muslims to lie to unbelievers.' Author Ralph Giordano.” (Cited in an Islamic-friendly Internet publication).
Here the historical Christian West is confronted in the recent past and in the present with the violent world of Islam, which is no match for the Western world for this reason alone, that they themselves willingly give up their own Christian identity or readily surrender their historic Christian roots to ridicule. And we will well only sensibly and appropriately stem the almost apocalyptic impact of Islamic immigration and not allow Europe to be lost in the chaos of  ever-increasing Islamic violence, if we as a people take the first step in returning to the belief in the one true God, who became incarnate in Jesus Christ and brought about our redemption from sin.
There are many well-intentioned people in the native European population, but also naïve people, who are too easily led astray by the media, especially in regard to Islam and immigration. One can well assume, for example, that even the German chancellor Merkel can be counted among them. With her intelligence and her understanding of the sociopolitical interrelationships, she belong to a rather small circle that knows exactly what is at stake and what is required. One can scarcely assume that she did not know that additional waves of migrants would come after she extended her “welcome” to refugees and asylum seekers. And she certainly knows, too, (the confidential reports of the police and secret service are laid before her), what a cultural “enrichment” Islam has brought and will bring to Germany and Europe. And still she handles things the way she does!
Perhaps in sharing the following thoughts of the prominent Russian political writer, Nikolai Starikov, valuable insights regarding the actual background for the decision to deal Christian Europe a deathblow through a massive and uncontrolled Islamic immigration will be given.
“I want to draw your attention to the European migration policy. When analyzing this policy, one cannot find any clear logic, the logic behind it is inexplicable, when you consider that Europe's governments are sovereign, and act in the name of the people. Take Germany after the war, an economic miracle. The country needed a strong workforce. Who was invited into Germany? Many migrant workers from Yugoslavia and very many Turks. … After the sound logic of the national public interest, the government should invite such immigrants or migrant workers into the country, who should possibly differ very little culturally from the locals, thereby integrating well into the country and becoming assimilated into the local community.
“But no, the German government purposely invited migrant workers who, after 40 years, still remain isolated from German living. And that's putting it mildly. Why did the German government of the time do this? Because in the German Territory there were fewer German military  Armed Forces bases than US bases. That means the Americans had the European governments constrained to open the borders and to allow the greatest possible numbers of culturally diverse immigrants to enter. The USA required this principle, both earlier and also still today, and forces the EU countries to adopt this migration policy. Why does the USA do this to Europe? Simply, they want to apply the old principle of ancient Rome: 'Divide and conquer.' They want all societies to be atomized. There should no longer be any single religious, national or state structure. To this end, they want to destroy the state as a legal institution. We now observe these discussion in the West in terms of the Syrian conflicts. Stately sovereignty is an obsolete term. In the case of massive human rights violations, intervention should be allowed, in Syria and elsewhere. And so on. …
“We see that worldwide man wants to uphold the state as a just institution. Nationality and religion, which unite men, they seek slowly to destroy. Even the sexes are being destroyed. Men already speak of an ubersexual man, who stands above the other sexes, can freely choose his sex, etc.
“The task taken on by the global elite is to destroy the world's population, and to uproot their national and religious ties. They want to mix mankind like a meal. Their goal in the end is to put one measure of value before the eyes of man: money. And through this they will be able to have absolute control over mankind, and even globally.” (Cited from a video on the internet).

What can we as Christians undertake and do in the face of this tragic unfolding of events? Of course we talk to others who are of like mind, but the great worry about the future of our country and people remains. Especially parents and other responsible parties face this outlook with much worry, as well as with fear. 
But despite all this there still remains the first Commandment of God, which continues to exist and can never be abolished. For when a scribe asked about the “greatest Commandment,” Christ answered, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets” (Matt. 22:37-40).
Under no circumstances can we allow ourselves, in discussions and related efforts, to overstep certain safe boundaries to the extent that we allow our emotions of anger and indignation to monopolize us and make us lose our composure, thereby obscuring our vision of God and causing our service of Him to be blackened or even lost. In no case can we ever entertain hatred! In all the intense discussions and argumentative wranglings, one must “pause” now and again to turn to the Cross and bend one's knees in prayer. Of ourselves we cannot solve these problems – how much more necessary is it then, to turn to God, Who alone knows the goodness of the whats and the whys.
As a priest one can really only take all these bitter pleas of our country and the future of the Church into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where we, so to say, latch onto the heavenly liturgy, where Christ in an eternal act, as a lamb led to slaughter, stands before His Heavenly Father and (temporally speaking, uninterruptedly) offers Him a boundless love on our behalf.
We can all storm heaven with our prayers for this intention, and pray especially for those whom we must sharply criticize, but who currently must carry the responsibility of our country and the Church, that they will eventually be enlightened and make just decisions for the welfare of Europe and satisfy the needs of Christendom.
Let us not descend to the primitive level of the Islamic “conquerors,” and thereby neglect in any way our charity towards God and neighbor, and refuse to trouble ourselves about the existing problems. The man in need must be helped, even if by far not all of them (and here above all not the Muslims), must necessarily be taken in by Europe. There are certainly other ways and remedies to sensibly solve this problem. You just need to have the social and political will to do so!
Pope St. Pius V prayed incessantly to heaven, while the Christian army on October 7, 1571 at Lepanto on the Ionian Sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Patras won a surprising victory over the Ottoman empire. In thanksgiving, Pope Gregory XIII established the feast of the Holy Rosary.
Around 1529, the Turks besieged Vienna for the first time, and because of the coming winter and depleted supplies afterwards retreated; 1683 again found them at the gates of this city, and by it, central Europe – and not with peaceful intentions! And again the Church ascribed the victory of the Church over the crescent to the help of Our Lady and the Rosary. Again was Europe saved from the yoke of Islam on August 5, 1716 (another feast of the Blessed Virgin), by the victory of Charles VI over the Ottoman army at Peterwardein (Petrovaradin) in Hungary.
We should in our times also consciously and with a special intensity pray the Holy Rosary, that the Christian thinking part of Europe will withstand the current almost apocalyptic test and those who are responsible will find the right ways and methods in order to forestall the present obvious danger that exists of a greater Islamization, in order that the saving and redeeming Cross of Christ will continue, or will once again, reign over us, and not the crescent of Islam.

Never in her history has Christianity declared wars of conquest against Islamic countries – it was only in defense against manifold military agression in the Islamic world (and in the crusades only to liberate a previously occupied Holy Land). So she has the right today and the serious moral obligation not to allow herself to be conquered and be enslaved by Islam (or by her own impiety). “Mary, Help of Christians – pray for us!”


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